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Mission Statement

Transformation Wellness Club is a collective of those who are driven to leave an impactful imprint on the lives of others through the use of their God given talents. The brand associates with the Triskelion symbol which represents a trilogy of motion in the Mind, Body and Spirit. In short terms it represents personal development, human development and spiritual growth. 



The company was founded as a rebrand by Emerald formerly known as "Slayed by Tay." Slayed by Tay was the identity taken on by Emerald Taylor in the making of her beauty career. She was known for the fun and cheerful slogan "Slayedddd by Tayyyyy, you already know the deal." As she began to expand, she realized she wanted a name that was unique and had more correlation to who Emerald is. Funny enough, she decided to use her real name, Emerald Blessings which she felt suited her best in many ways. Emeralds original goal was to own a full operating beauty salon. While attending cosmetology school, she obtained a better vision of her purpose in life. As many know, hair is a huge passion she holds but it's much more than just being a hairstylist. Booking with Emerald, is a unique experience from meaningful conversations to being goofy and singing your hearts out together. Booking with Emerald is a breath of fresh air where she provides a safe place to vent or a comforting environment when you need a break from the hectic world. It is more than just a hair appointment, when you book with Emerald, you gain not only a stylist but a friend. With this is mind, she came up with Transformation Wellness Club to be the overall brand image she is apart of. Her goal of owning a salon remains however the structure of it has changed from beauty salon to a wellness center. Transformation Wellness Club is bigger than just Emerald, it is an upcoming company destined to transform the lives of others in an infinite amount of ways. It will be a place where full self care will be practiced. As of now, she has partnered with a few trusted entrepreneurs to outsource other beauty services to her clients until she a location where these services can be done all in house. The overall goal is to develop a full team of entrepreneurs that can contribute to the different areas of wellness to serve the community. In the meantime, there are community wellness groups established as a resource for her clients. These groups include: Money Talks, Protect my crown, Body goals, Health is wealth, Peace of mind, Social butterfly and Prayer warriors. Visit the Groups tab for a description on what each group offers.

In addition to the rebrand, Emerald has switched from a free for all booking concept to an exclusive membership. The reasoning behind this is due to the high demand of her services. By creating a membership, it attracts people who are serious about their hair and those who respect and value the art of what she does. She is now in position where she does not have to accept just anyone for financial gain. She likes to emphasize not all business is good business. Emerald has decided to become more intentional into who she pours in given that dealing with a high number of different people can be mentally draining. Transformation Wellness Club is an outlet for Emerald to incorporate the act of practicing proper wellness  in order to sustain a happy, healthy life.

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